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Issue Archive
Volume 17, No. 1 (2022)

The role of temperature and microclimate in the survival of wintering grassland birds   PDF Version

Denis J Pérez-Ordoñez, Mieke Titulaer, Maureen D Correll, Erin H Strasser, Fabiola Baeza-Tarin, Russell L Martin and Louis A Harveson

Avian response to plant community composition and structure in regenerating timber harvests protected by ungulate exclusion fencing   PDF Version

Halie A Parker, Clark S Rushing, Jeffery T Larkin, Joseph E Duchamp, Ronald W Rohrbaugh, Darin J McNeil and Jeffery L Larkin

Kirtland’s Warbler breeding productivity and habitat use in red pine-dominated habitat in Wisconsin, USA   PDF Version

Ashley M. Olah, Christine A. Ribic, Kim Grveles, Sarah Warner, Davin Lopez and Anna M. Pidgeon

Canada Goose populations harvested in Eastern James Bay by Eeyou Istchee Cree hunters   PDF Version

Jean-François Giroux, Jean Rodrigue, Rodney W Brook and Martin Patenaude-Monette

The invasive parasitic fly Philornis downsi is threatening Little Vermilion Flycatchers on the Galápagos Islands   PDF Version

Denis Mosquera, Birgit Fessl, David Anchundia, Eileen Heyer, Celina Leuba, Erwin Nemeth, Maria Lorena Rojas, Christian Sevilla and Sabine Tebbich

The nuthatch and the hare: Slow explorers dominate in a re-established population of the Brown-headed Nuthatch (Sitta pusilla) two decades later   PDF Version

Mary Mack Gray, Kathryn E. Sieving and James A. Cox

Abundance and habitat use estimates show Lesser Yellowlegs (Tringa flavipes) breed in high numbers in interior Alaska   PDF Version

Ellen C. Martin, Paul F. Doherty, Jr., Kim A Jochum and Calvin F. Bagley

Female migration phenology and climate conditions explain juvenile Red Knot (Calidris canutus rufa) counts during fall migration   PDF Version

Laura McKinnon, Lucie Schmaltz, Yves Aubry, Yann Rochepault, Christophe Buidin and Cedric Juillet

Soil management of olive groves has contrasting effects on nest densities and reproductive success of tree-nesting passerines   PDF Version

Juan Carlos Castro-Caro, Isabel C. Barrio and Francisco Sánchez Tortosa

Forest specialist species in the urban landscape: Do different levels of urbanization affect the movements of Forest Red-tailed Black Cockatoos (Calyptorhynchus banksii naso)?   PDF Version

Sam J. E. Rycken, Kristin S. Warren, Lian Yeap, Rebecca Donaldson, Peter Mawson, Rick Dawson and Jill M. Shephard

Spatially explicit population trend estimates of owls in the Maritime provinces of Canada and the influence of call playback   PDF Version

Danielle M Ethier, Rémi Torrenta and Amy-Lee Kouwenberg

Post-fledging survival, movements, and habitat associations of Gray Vireos in New Mexico   PDF Version

Silas E Fischer, Kathy Granillo and Henry M Streby

Understanding widespread declines for Common Terns across inland North America: productivity estimates, causes of reproductive failure, and movement of Common Terns breeding in the large lakes of Manitoba   PDF Version

Jennifer M Arnold, Stephen A Oswald, Scott Wilson and Patricia Szczys

Mortality of grassland birds increases with transmission lines   PDF Version

Caroline J. Martin, Edward W. Bork and Scott E. Nielsen

Pre-breeding foraging ecology of three tern species nesting in the Gulf of Maine   PDF Version

Rachel M. Bratton, Henry D. Legett, Paula Shannon, Keenan C. Yakola, Alexander R. Gerson and Michelle D. Staudinger

Understory structure and heterospecifics influence the occupancy of a ground-nesting species of conservation concern, the Canada Warbler   PDF Version

Gordon W Dimmig, Christopher Rota, Petra Wood and Christopher M Lituma

In the still of the night: revisiting Eastern Whip-poor-will surveys with passive acoustic monitoring   PDF Version

Elly C. Knight, Kevin C. Hannah and Jonathan DeMoor

Migratory songbirds and urban window collision mortality: vulnerability depends on species, diel timing of migration, and age class   PDF Version

Olivia M Colling, Christopher G Guglielmo, Simon J Bonner and Yolanda E Morbey

Food subsidies shape age structure in a top avian scavenger   PDF Version

Lola Fernández-Gómez, Ainara Cortés-Avizanda, Patricia Tiago, Fiach Byrne and José Antonio Donázar

Natural history and community science records confirm rapid geographic shifts in the distribution of Bachman’s Sparrow (Peucaea aestivalis) since 1850  

Amie E. Settlecowski, Kathryn E. C. Davis, James A. Cox, Stefan Woltmann and Sabrina S. Taylor

Insights on post-breeding movements from a northeastern population of Canada Warblers (Cardellina canadensis)   PDF Version

Camille Bégin-Marchand, François Gagnon, Bruno Drolet, Jacques Ibarzabal and Junior A. Tremblay

Migratory stopover sites used by Reddish Egrets: prioritization for conservation   PDF Version

Lianne M. Koczur and Bart M. Ballard

Nest-site selection and breeding biology of the locally endangered Micronesian Starling (Aplonis opaca) informs its recovery on Guam   PDF Version

Julie A. Savidge, Martin Kastner, Henry S. Pollock and Thomas F. Seibert

A lidar-based openness index to aid conservation planning for grassland wildlife   PDF Version

Michael C Allen, Thomas Almendinger, Charles T Barreca and Julie L Lockwood

Volume 16, No. 2 (2021)

A fisheries take on the fishy decision to implement a Double-crested Cormorant cull in Ontario   PDF Version

Steven J Cooke

Does habitat reclamation following energy development benefit songbird nest survival?   PDF Version

Christopher P Kirol and Bradley C Fedy

Marbled Murrelet nest site selection at three fine spatial scales   PDF Version

Thomas E. Hamer, Kim Nelson, Jay Jones and Jake Verschuyl

Trends in avian use of reclaimed boreal forest habitat in Canada's oil sands   PDF Version

Virgil C Hawkes, Nathan Hentze and Travis G Gerwing

Functional connectivity of managed forest landscapes for the Ovenbird: an experimental assessment of within-patch movement behavior   PDF Version

Catherine Geoffroy, Marc-André Villard and Marc Bélisle

Why is the Common Grackle becoming less common?   PDF Version

Noah P. Horsley and Michael P. Ward

Residency patterns and apparent survival in a cavity-nesting bird: population consequences of nest-box supplementation revealed by a long-term study   PDF Version

Francisco Valera and Radovan Václav

Neotropical bird communities in a human-modified landscape recently affected by two major hurricanes   PDF Version

Dallas R. Levey and Ian MacGregor-Fors

Regional variability in trajectories of Barn Swallow populations across Canada are not predicted by breeding performance   PDF Version

Julia E Put, Greg W Mitchell, Nancy A Mahony, Jeffrey Costa, Tara L Imlay, Scott Bossuyt, Chloe K Boynton, Gary Burness, Dean R Evans, Keith A. Hobson, Jackson W Kusack, Olga Lansdorp, Ariel K Lenske, Beverly McClenaghan, Erica Nol, Antonio Salvadori, Adam C Smith, Tony D Williams, Rebecca Whittam and Michael D Cadman

Habitat selection and interspecific competition between Sylvia warblers in Cyprus following the rapid expansion of a recent colonizer   PDF Version

Nikolas Papanikolas, Thomas G. Hadjikyriakou, Matteo Sebastianelli and Alexander N. G. Kirschel

Secretive marsh bird habitat associations in the Mississippi Flyway: a meta-analysis   PDF Version

Kristen M Malone, Elisabeth B Webb, Doreen Mengel, Laura J Kearns, Sumner W Matteson and Ann E McKellar

Grassland bird diversity and abundance in the presence of native and non-native grazers   PDF Version

Andy J Boyce, Hila Shamon, Kyran E Kunkel and William J McShea

Diurnal and nocturnal habitat preference of Eastern Whip-poor-wills (Antrostomus vociferus) in the northern portion of their breeding range   PDF Version

Elora R. M. Grahame, Kayla D. Martin, Elizabeth A. Gow and D. Ryan Norris

Factors affecting intentional bird poisoning on bean farms in Taiwan: seeding methods and the presence of adjoining duck farms matter   PDF Version

Shiao-Yu Hong, Hui-Shan Lin, Yuan-Hsun Sun and Jo-Szu Tsai

Response of Ferruginous Hawks to temporary habitat alterations for energy development in southwestern Alberta   PDF Version

Nicholas W. Parayko, Janet W. Ng, Jessa Marley, Ronena S Wolach, Troy I. Wellicome and Erin M. Bayne

Threatened neotropical birds are big, ecologically specialized, and found in less humanized refuge areas   PDF Version

Ricardo A Soto-Saravia, Carla M Garrido-Cayul, Jorge Avaria-Llautureo, Alfonso Benítez-Mora, Cristián E Hernández and Manuela González-Suárez

Rat snakes, cowbirds, and vines lower passerine nest survival in remnant bottomland hardwood forests in east-central Arkansas, USA   PDF Version

Amy L Wynia, Virginie Rolland and James C Bednarz

An artificial lakes system intended for human recreation supports a vital breeding population of Red-wattled Lapwing in the Arabian Desert   PDF Version

Esmat E. M. Elhassan, Martin Sládeček, Saoud Badaam, Kateřina Brynychová, Petr Chajma, Veronika Firlová, Veronika Janatová, Vojtěch Kubelka, Lucie Pešková, Eva Vozabulová, Aisha Almuhery and Miroslav Šálek

Evidence of long-term declines in Island Scrub-Jay vital rates   PDF Version

Brittany A. Mosher, Paul F. Doherty, Jr., Jonathan L. Atwood, Kennon A. Corey and Charles T. Collins

Fire regimes shape biodiversity: responses of avian guilds to burned forests in Andean temperate ecosystems of southern Chile   PDF Version

Fernando J. Novoa, Tomás A. Altamirano, Cristián Bonacic, Kathy Martin and José Tomás Ibarra

Population trends and habitat selection of threatened marsh passerines in a protected Mediterranean wetland   PDF Version

Iván Alambiaga, Manuel Carrasco, Carlos Ruiz, Francesc Mesquita-Joanes and Juan S Monrós

Waterfowl use of mine tailing ponds in comparison with beaver ponds in boreal eastern Canada   PDF Version

Emilie Desjardins, Louis Imbeau, Marcel Darveau, Marc J. Mazerolle and Nicole J. Fenton

Lek attendance and disturbance at viewing blinds in a small, declining Sharp-tailed Grouse (Tympanuchus phasianellus) population   PDF Version

Charlotte L. Roy and Pamela L. Coy

Minor interspecies differences in breeding phenology and productivity between two co-occurring aerial insectivores   PDF Version

Chloe K Boynton, Olga C Lansdorp, Nancy A Mahony and Tony D Williams

Combining monitoring data from multiple sites to assess population status and trends of White-tailed Tropicbirds (Phaethon lepturus) in the Seychelles   PDF Version

April J Burt, Fernando Cagua, Cheryl Sanchez, Licia Calabrese, Janske van de Crommenacker, James McClelland, Nirmal Shah, Heather Richards and Nancy Bunbury

Effects of future climate change on the geographical distribution of a bird endemic to South American floodplains   PDF Version

Mayara F. Zucchetto, Natalia S. Da Silveira, Victor M. Prasniewski, Tatiane Arnhold, Thadeu Sobral-Souza and João B. de Pinho

An efficient method for sampling aerial arthropods at nest sites of an insectivorous songbird in steep decline   PDF Version

Adam Haberski, Julie C Hagelin, Christopher P Barger, Derek S Sikes and Kristin A DuBour

Pollen analysis as an ecological proxy for the assessment of habitat use of the endangered Black-polled Yellowthroat (Geothlypis speciosa) and sympatric Common Yellowthroat (G. trichas)   PDF Version

Gabriela Domínguez-Vázquez, Susana Raygadas, Jorge L. León-Cortés and Alejandro Pérez-Arteaga

No common pesticides detected in snow buntings utilizing a farmland landscape in eastern Québec   PDF Version

Emily Cornelius Ruhs, Oliver P Love, Louis Drainville and François Vézina

Volume 16, No. 1 (2021)

Ontario’s decision for the province-wide cull of Double-crested Cormorants   PDF Version

Keith A. Hobson

Raptor resource use in agroecosystems: cover crops and definitions of availability matter   PDF Version

Megan E Zagorski and Robert K Swihart

Estimating the relative use of anthropogenic resources by Herring Gull (Larus argentatus) in the Bay of Fundy, Canada   PDF Version

Katherine R Shlepr, Robert A. Ronconi, Brian Hayden, Karel A Allard and Antony W Diamond

Local habitat and landscape attributes shape the diversity facets of bird communities in Inner Mongolian grasslands   PDF Version

Zheng Han, Lishi Zhang, Yunlei Jiang, Haitao Wang and Frédéric Jiguet

Black-backed Woodpecker occupancy is extensive in green conifer forests of the southern Cascade Mountains, Oregon   PDF Version

Jake Verschuyl, Jaime L Stephens, Andrew J Kroll, Katherine E Halstead and Dennis Rock

Hierarchical distance sampling reveals increased population size and broader habitat use in the endangered Bahama Oriole   PDF Version

Michael G Rowley, Richard C Stanley, Janine M Antalffy, Jennifer L Christhilf, Daniel C Stonko, Scott B Johnson, Shelley Cant-Woodside, T Scott Sillett, Matthew E Fagan, Colin E Studds and Kevin E Omland

Nest success and nest site selection of wetland birds in a restored wetland system   PDF Version

Auriel M. V. Fournier, Joseph D. Lancaster, Aaron P. Yetter, Christopher S. Hine, Tyler Beckerman, Jacob Figge, Antonio Gioe, Macayla Greider-Wagner, Devin Jen, Cody Johnson, Max R. Larreur, Abigail Shaw, Kayanna Wolter, Michael Wood, Daniel K. Wu, Benjamin J. O'Neal and Heath M. Hagy

Abundance, population trends, and negative associations with lake water levels for six colonial waterbird species over five decades in southern Manitoba   PDF Version

Ann E McKellar, Steven E Simpson and Scott Wilson

The effect of top predator removal on the distribution of a mesocarnivore and nest survival of an endangered shorebird   PDF Version

Michelle L Stantial, Jonathan B Cohen, Abigail J Darrah, Shannon L. Farrell and Brooke Maslo

Bird trends from long-term observation data at sites in the Hudson Bay Lowlands   PDF Version

Rodney W Brook, Lisa A Pollock, Kenneth F Abraham and Glen S Brown

Effects of land-based light pollution on two species of burrow-nesting seabirds in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada   PDF Version

Sabina I. Wilhelm, Suzanne M. Dooley, Emma P. Corbett, Michelle G. Fitzsimmons, Pierre C. Ryan and Gregory J. Robertson

Endemic and endangered Short-crested Coquette (Lophornis brachylophus): floral resources and interactions   PDF Version

María del Coro Arizmendi, Laura E. Nuñez-Rosas, Humberto Berlanga, Mónica A. M. Quiroga Rodríguez, José Manuel Soberanes González, Claudia Macias Caballero, Rosa María Vidal Rodriguez and Gabriel López-Segoviano

Satellite telemetry reveals complex migratory movement patterns of two large macaw species in the western Amazon basin   PDF Version

Donald J Brightsmith, Janice D Boyd, Elizabeth A Hobson and C J Randel

Post-collision impacts, crippling bias, and environmental bias in a study of Newell's Shearwater and Hawaiian Petrel powerline collisions   PDF Version

Marc S Travers, Scott Driskill, Angela Stemen, Theresa Geelhoed, David M Golden, Shiho Koike, Amy A Shipley, Hannah E Moon, Tracy Anderson, Molly Bache and Andre F Raine

Cross-scale habitat selection reveals within-stand structural requirements for fledgling Golden-winged Warblers   PDF Version

Cameron J Fiss, Darin J McNeil, Amanda D Rodewald, Daniel Heggenstaller and Jeffery L Larkin

On the North American invasion of the House Sparrow and its absence in the Yucatan Peninsula   PDF Version

Alexander Peña-Peniche, Claudio Mota-Vargas, Michelle García-Arroyo and Ian MacGregor-Fors

Quantifying multiple breeding vital rates in two declining grassland songbirds   PDF Version

Jacy S Bernath-Plaisted, Arvind O Panjabi, Nicole A Guido, Kelsey D Bell, Nancy E Drilling, Erin H Strasser, Sandra K Johnson and Maureen D Correll

Migratory connectivity and annual cycle phenology of Rusty Blackbirds (Euphagus carolinus) revealed through archival GPS tags   PDF Version

James R Wright, James A Johnson, Erin Bayne, Luke L Powell, Carol R Foss, Jeremiah C Kennedy and Peter P Marra

Bird strandings and bright lights at coastal and offshore industrial sites in Atlantic Canada   PDF Version

Carina Gjerdrum, Robert A Ronconi, Kelley L Turner and Thomas E Hamer

Mapping habitat suitability for the Eastern Black Rail throughout its Atlantic coastal range using maximum entropy (MaxEnt)   PDF Version

Amberly A Neice and Susan B McRae

Eastern Black Rail detection using semi-automated analysis of long-duration acoustic recordings   PDF Version

Elizabeth Znidersic, Michael W Towsey, Christine Hand and David M Watson

Assessment of cue counting for estimating bird density using passive acoustic monitoring: recommendations for estimating a reliable cue rate   PDF Version

Cristian Pérez-Granados, Adrián Barrero, Juan Traba, Daniel Bustillo-de la Rosa, Margarita Reverter and Julia Gómez-Catasús

Monitoring migration timing in remote habitats: assessing the value of extended duration audio recording   PDF Version

Ellie Roark and Willson Gaul

Site-infidelity by budworm-linked warblers at the edge of an area defoliated by spruce budworm   PDF Version

Jeanne Moisan Perrier, Daniel Kneeshaw, Martin-Hugues St-Laurent and Marc-André Villard

Volume 15, No. 2 (2020)

The avian conservation crisis, Canada’s international record, and the need for a new path forward   PDF Version

Keith A. Hobson and Scott Wilson

Impacts of traditional livestock farming on threatened sheldgeese (Chloephaga spp.) in Patagonia   PDF Version

Natalia A. Cossa, Laura Fasola, Ignacio Roesler and Juan C. Reboreda

Using continental-scale bird banding data to estimate demographic migratory patterns for Rufous Hummingbird (Selasphorus rufus)   PDF Version

Josée S. Rousseau, John D. Alexander and Matthew G. Betts

Habitat occupancy by breeding Pied-billed and Horned Grebes in Prairie Canada: correlates of pond use and breeding success   PDF Version

Daniel D Routhier, Kevin W Dufour, Mark T Bidwell and Robert Clark

Noise, avian abundance, and productivity at banding stations across the Continental United States   PDF Version

Amber M. B. Ng, Michael L. Pontius, Stacy L. De Ruiter and Darren S. Proppe

Movement patterns and habitat preference of Oilbirds (Steatornis caripensis) in the southern Andes of Colombia   PDF Version

Sasha Cárdenas, Laura M. Cardona, Maria A. Echeverry-Galvis and Pablo R. Stevenson

Movement ecology and habitat use differences in Black Scoters wintering along the Atlantic coast   PDF Version

Hannah M. Plumpton, Scott G. Gilliland and Beth E. Ross

A monitoring framework for assessing threats to nonbreeding shorebirds on the Pacific Coast of the Americas   PDF Version

Matthew E. Reiter, Eduardo Palacios, Diana Eusse-Gonzalez, Richard Johnston González, Pete Davidson, David W. Bradley, Rob Clay, Khara M. Strum, James Chu, Blake A. Barbaree, Catherine M. Hickey, David B. Lank, Mark Drever, Ronald C. Ydenberg and Robert Butler

Within-scale and cross-scale interaction effects of temperature and human socioeconomic conditions on avian abundance   PDF Version

Anand Chaudhary and Kevin J. Gutzwiller

Integrating wetland bird point count data from humans and acoustic recorders   PDF Version

Laura N. Stewart, Douglas C. Tozer, Janine M. McManus, Lucas E. Berrigan and Kiel L. Drake

Evaluating the efficacy of eBird data for modeling historical population trajectories of North American birds and for monitoring populations of boreal and Arctic breeding species   PDF Version

Jacob Walker and Philip D. Taylor

Nest box location determines the exposure of the host to ectoparasites   PDF Version

Jesús Veiga and Francisco Valera

The use of a camera trap and acoustic survey design to ascertain the vocalization and breeding status of the highly elusive White-winged Flufftail, Sarothrura ayresi   PDF Version

Robin B. Colyn, Alastair Campbell and Hanneline A. Smit-Robinson

Factors affecting Bobolink nest survival across grassland types   PDF Version

Monica A. Fromberger, Andrew J. Campomizzi, Zoé M. Lebrun-Southcott, Alice L. Pintaric, Nicole M. MacDonald and Erica Nol

Chains as strong as the weakest link: remote assessment of aquatic resource use on spring migration by Bewick’s Swans   PDF Version

Rascha J. M. Nuijten and Bart A. Nolet

Variation in responses to interspecific vocalizations among sister taxa of the Sittidae: imminent extinction of a cryptic species on Grand Bahama Island?   PDF Version

Heather E Levy and James A. Cox

The abundance of Greater Sage-Grouse as a proxy for the abundance of sagebrush-associated songbirds in Wyoming, USA   PDF Version

Jason D. Carlisle and Anna D. Chalfoun

Multiscale occupancy of the Lesser Prairie-Chicken: the role of private lands in conservation of an imperiled bird   PDF Version

Christian A. Hagen, Jason D. Carlisle, Fawn E. Hornsby, Michael E. Houts, Lyman L. McDonald and David C. Pavlacky Jr.

Ranking and mapping the high conservation priority bird species of Saudi Arabia   PDF Version

Christopher R. J. Boland and Bruce O. Burwell

Deforestation patterns shape population structure of the Magellanic Woodpecker (Campephilus magellanicus) in southern Chile   PDF Version

Yanina Poblete, Gerardo E. Soto, Leonardo Campagna, Miguel E. Ávila, Carolina Fernández, Cristian R. Flores and Amanda D. Rodewald

Twenty years of coastal waterbird trends suggest regional patterns of environmental pressure in British Columbia, Canada   PDF Version

Danielle Ethier, Pete Davidson, Graham H Sorenson, Karen L Barry, Karen Devitt, Catherine B Jardine, Denis Lepage and David W Bradley

Winter carry-over effects on spring body condition driven by agricultural subsidies to Lesser Snow Geese (Anser caerulescens caerulescens)   PDF Version

Drew N Fowler, Elisabeth B Webb, Mark P Vrtiska and Keith A. Hobson

Volume 15, No. 1 (2020)

Falling through the policy cracks: implementing a roadmap to conserve aerial insectivores in North America   PDF Version

Silke Nebel, James Casey, Marc-André Cyr, Kevin J. Kardynal, Elizabeth A. Krebs, Elisabeth F. Purves, Marc Bélisle, R. Mark Brigham, Elly C. Knight, Christy Morrissey and Robert G. Clark

Book Review: Second Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Southern Québec   PDF Version

Jean-François Giroux

Assessing breeding duck population trends relative to anthropogenic disturbances across the boreal plains of Canada, 1960–2007   PDF Version

Howard V. Singer, Stuart M. Slattery, Llwellyn Armstrong and Susan Witherly

The fall migratory movements of Bank Swallows, Riparia riparia: fly-and-forage migration?   PDF Version

Tara L. Imlay, Sarah Saldanha and Philip D. Taylor

Habitat selection and nest survival in two Great Plains shorebirds   PDF Version

Hannah Specht, Véronique St-Louis, Cheri L. Gratto-Trevor, Nicola Koper, Cassandra G. Skaggs, Tait Ronningen and Todd W. Arnold

Climate change and land management implications for a declining Neotropical migratory songbird breeding in the North American Great Plains   PDF Version

Alex J. Glass, Andrew J. Caven, Daniel Kim, Madison O. Sutton and Nico Arcilla

Foraging behavior of the Eurasian Three-toed Woodpecker (Picoides tridactylus) and its implications for ecological restoration and sustainable boreal forest management   PDF Version

Martijn Versluijs, Sönke Eggers, Grzegorz Mikusiński, Jean-Michel Roberge and Joakim Hjältén

Factors associated with local and statewide population trends of the Florida Sandhill Crane (Antigone canadensis pratensis)   PDF Version

W Andrew Cox, Timothy A Dellinger, Richard Kiltie, Brittany Bankovich and Brett Tornwall

Establishing the adequacy of recorded acoustic surveys of forest bird assemblages   PDF Version

Michael J. M. Franklin, Richard E. Major, Michael Bedward and Ross A. Bradstock

Modeling the occurrence of the Yellow Rail (Coturnicops noveboracensis) in the context of ongoing resource development in the oil sands region of Alberta   PDF Version

Richard W. Hedley, Logan J. T. McLeod, Daniel A. Yip, Dan Farr, Paul Knaga, Kiel L. Drake and Erin Bayne

Breeding population decline and associations with nest site use of Leach’s Storm-Petrels on Kent Island, New Brunswick from 2001 to 2018   PDF Version

Kyle J. N. d'Entremont, Laura Minich Zitske, Alison J. Gladwell, Nathan K. Elliott, Robert A. Mauck and Robert A. Ronconi

A multiscale analysis of Gray Vireo (Vireo vicinior) nest-site selection in central New Mexico   PDF Version

Jonathan P. Harris, Loren M. Smith and Scott T. McMurry

Roosting, reproduction, and survivorship of Pileated Woodpeckers (Dryocopus pileatus) in a suburban setting   PDF Version

Jorge A. Tomasevic and John M. Marzluff

Intra- and interannual regional fidelity of Semipalmated Sandpipers (Calidris pusilla) during migratory stopover in the upper Bay of Fundy, Canada   PDF Version

Sarah G. Neima, Diana J. Hamilton, Cheri L. Gratto-Trevor and Julie Paquet

Updating the distribution of the Sierra Madre Sparrow Xenospiza baileyi across central Mexico: historical records, new localities, and conservation perspectives   PDF Version

Rubén Ortega-Álvarez, Rafael Calderón-Parra, Ulises Martínez Molina, Fredy Martínez Molina, Gabriel Martínez Molina, Yuridia Martínez Molina, Agustín Martínez Villagrán, Josué Martínez Freire, Rocío Vásquez Robles, Delfino García Loaeza, Jaciel Martínez García, Sarai García Loaeza, Nancy Isabel Garduño López and Luis A. Sánchez-González

Shifts in crane migration phenology associated with climate change in southwestern Europe   PDF Version

José M. Orellana-Macías, Luis M. Bautista, Daniel Merchán, Jesús Causapé and Juan Carlos Alonso

Spring migration of Blackpoll Warblers across North America   PDF Version

Kristen M. Covino, Sara R. Morris, Mark Shieldcastle and Philip D. Taylor

Neither forest herbicides nor ambient temperature exert strong effects on reproductive output of a cavity-nesting songbird   PDF Version

James W. Rivers, Kristin N. Jones and Matthew Betts

Nest microhabitat influences nest-site selection in dry prairie but not in pasture habitat for the endangered Florida Grasshopper Sparrow (Ammodramus savannarum floridanus)   PDF Version

Archer F. Larned, Erin L. Hewett Ragheb, Karl E. Miller and Bernard Lohr

Long-term changes in the abundance and breeding success of raptors and ravens in periods of varying management of a Scottish grouse moor   PDF Version

Sonja C. Ludwig, Staffan Roos, Chris J. Rollie and David Baines

Wing-size related habitat choice of Great Reed Warbler females: the role of habitat quality and management   PDF Version

Thomas O. Mérő, Antun Žuljević, Katalin Varga and Szabolcs Lengyel

The effects of landscape composition and configuration on Eastern Whip-poor-will (Caprimulgus vociferous) and Common Nighthawk (Chordeiles minor) occupancy in an agroecosystem   PDF Version

Michelle A Vala, Greg W Mitchell, Kevin C Hannah, Julia E Put and Scott Wilson

Bioacoustic analyses reveal that bird communities recover with forest succession in tropical dry forests   PDF Version

Kiirsti C. Owen, Amanda D. Melin, Fernando A. Campos, Linda M. Fedigan, Thomas W. Gillespie and Daniel J. Mennill

How many leks does it take? Minimum samples sizes for measuring local-scale conservation outcomes in Greater Sage-Grouse   PDF Version

Erik J. Blomberg and Christian A. Hagen

Roadkill of birds in Galapagos Islands: a growing need for solutions   PDF Version

José-María García-Carrasco, Washington Tapia and Antonio-Román Muñoz

Toward actionable, coproduced research on boreal birds focused on building respectful partnerships   PDF Version

Alana R. Westwood, Nicole K. Barker, Sam Grant, Amy L Amos, Alaine F. Camfield, Kaytlin L Cooper, Francisco V. Dénes, Frankie Jean-Gagnon, Lindsay McBlane, Fiona K. A. Schmiegelow, Jamie I. Simpson, Stuart M. Slattery, Darren J. H. Sleep, Sophie Sliwa, Jeffrey V. Wells and Darroch M. Whitaker

Volume 14, No. 2 (2019)

Using a birdfeeder network to explore the effects of suburban design on invasive and native birds   PDF Version

Kara L. Belinsky, Troy C Ellick and Shannon L. LaDeau

Origins of harvested Mallards from Lake St. Clair, Ontario: a stable isotope approach   PDF Version

Matthew D. Palumbo, Douglas C. Tozer and Keith A. Hobson

Foxes, voles, and waders: drivers of predator activity in wet grassland landscapes   PDF Version

Rebecca A. Laidlaw, Jennifer Smart, Mark A. Smart, Thomas W. Bodey, Tessa Coledale and Jennifer A. Gill

Long-term responses of birds to the creation of a community fuel break in the western boreal forest of Canada: implications for management within protected areas   PDF Version

Keith A. Hobson and Kevin J. Kardynal

Iridescent coloration of Tree Swallows relates to environmental metal pollution   PDF Version

Natalia Lifshitz and Colleen Cassady St. Clair

Monitoring boreal avian populations: how can we estimate trends and trajectories from noisy data?   PDF Version

Christian Roy, Nicole L. Michel, Colleen M. Handel, Steven L. Van Wilgenburg, J. Curtis Burkhalter, Kirsty E. B. Gurney, David J. Messmer, Karine Princé, Clark S. Rushing, James F. Saracco, Richard Schuster, Adam C. Smith, Paul A. Smith, Péter Sólymos, Lisa A. Venier and Ben Zuckerberg

Effects of off-highway vehicles on avian abundance and diversity in a designated vehicular recreation area   PDF Version

Jerry S. Cole, Nicole L. Michel, Rodney B. Siegel and Nicolas Somilleda Jr.

Postfledging habitat selection and survival of Henslow’s Sparrow: management implications for a critical life stage   PDF Version

Aaron C. Young, W. Andrew Cox, John P. McCarty and L. LaReesa Wolfenbarger

Residency, recruitment, and stopover duration of hatch-year Roseate Terns (Sterna dougallii) during the premigratory staging period   PDF Version

Kayla L Davis, Sarah M Karpanty, Jeffrey A Spendelow, Jonathan B Cohen, Melissa A Althouse, Katharine C Parsons, Cristin F Luttazi, Daniel H Catlin and Daniel Gibson

Key habitat features facilitate the presence of Barred Owls in developed landscapes   PDF Version

Marion A Clement, Kyle Barrett and Robert F Baldwin

Rotational grazing of beef cattle to support Bobolink breeding success   PDF Version

Andrew J Campomizzi, Zoé M Lebrun-Southcott, Laura D Van Vliet and Gerald A Morris

Spatial distribution of the Boreal Owl and Northern Saw-whet Owl in the Boreal region of Alberta, Canada   PDF Version

Zoltan Domahidi, Julia Shonfield, Scott E. Nielsen, John R. Spence and Erin M. Bayne

Evaluation of unharvested refugia for grassland bird conservation within active hayfields   PDF Version

Michael C. Allen, Joanna Burger and Julie L. Lockwood

Apparent survival of a range-restricted montane forest bird species is influenced by weather throughout the annual cycle   PDF Version

Jason M. Hill, John D. Lloyd, Kent P. McFarland and Christopher C. Rimmer

Model transferability and implications for woodland management: a case study of Pinyon Jay nesting habitat   PDF Version

Kristine Johnson and Giancarlo Sadoti

Habitat selection and space use of Upland Sandpipers at nonbreeding grounds   PDF Version

Matilde Alfaro, Luciano Liguori, Brett K. Sandercock, Mauro Berazategui and Matías Arim

Postfledging survival of the Worthington's Marsh Wren (Cistothorus palustris griseus)   PDF Version

W. Andrew Cox, Amy C Schwarzer and Brett Tornwall

Egg oiling as an effective management technique for limiting reproduction in an invasive passerine   PDF Version

Facundo Fernandez-Duque, Robyn L. Bailey and David N. Bonter

Biological and environmental factors related to communal roosting behavior of breeding Bank Swallow (Riparia riparia)   PDF Version

Sarah Saldanha, Philip D. Taylor, Tara L. Imlay and Marty L. Leonard

A multiple detection state occupancy model using autonomous recordings facilitates correction of false positive and false negative observation errors   PDF Version

Robert S. Rempel, Janet M. Jackson, Steven L. Van Wilgenburg and Jennifer A. Rodgers

Video documentation of predators and nest defense at Bachman’s Sparrow nests   PDF Version

Kristen M. Malone, Harrison H. Jones, Adriana M. Betancourt, Theron M. Terhune II and Kathryn E. Sieving

Volume 14, No. 1 (2019)

What land use better preserves taxonomic and functional diversity of birds in a grassland biome?   PDF Version

Anahí S. Vaccaro, Julieta Filloy and M. Isabel Bellocq

Trade-offs relating to grassland and forest mine reclamation approaches in the central Appalachian region and implications for the songbird community   PDF Version

Eric L Margenau, Petra B Wood, Cathy A Weakland and Donald J Brown

Influence of microhabitat on Honduran Emerald (Amazilia luciae) abundance in tropical dry forest remnants   PDF Version

Fabiola Rodríguez, Dorian Escoto, Thelma M. Mejía-Ordóñez, Lilian Ferrufino-Acosta, Saby Y. Cruz, Joseph E. Duchamp and Jeffery L. Larkin

Estimating uncertainty of North American landbird population sizes   PDF Version

Jessica C. Stanton, Peter Blancher, Kenneth V. Rosenberg, Arvind O. Panjabi and Wayne E. Thogmartin

Broad-scale habitat use by fledgling Black-capped Vireo   PDF Version

Marisa T. Martinez, Ashley M. Long, Heather A. Mathewson and Michael L. Morrison

Diurnal habitat selection of migrating Whooping Crane in the Great Plains   PDF Version

David M Baasch, Patrick D Farrell, Aaron T Pearse, David A. Brandt, Andrew J Caven, Mary J. Harner, Greg D. Wright and Kristine L. Metzger

Effects of patch-burn grazing on breeding density and territory size of Dickcissels   PDF Version

Bram H. F. Verheijen, Hannah L. Clipp, Alessandro J. Bartolo, William E. Jensen and Brett K. Sandercock

Timing matters: cloud cover and date influence probability of detecting nesting Chimney Swifts (Chaetura pelagica)   PDF Version

Elisabeth F. Purves, C. Myles Falconer, Douglas C. Tozer and Kristyn Richardson

Recovery of bird activity and species richness in an early-stage tropical forest restoration   PDF Version

Steven M Roels, Melissa B. Hannay and Catherine A. Lindell

Delivery rates and prey use of Mountain Bluebirds in grassland and clear-cut habitats   PDF Version

Jordyn A. Stalwick and Karen L. Wiebe

Identifying the migratory strategy of the Lower Colorado River Valley population of Greater Sandhill Cranes   PDF Version

Courtenay M Conring, Kathryn Brautigam, Blake A Grisham, Daniel P Collins and Warren C Conway

Regional variation in responses of wetland-associated bird communities to conversion of boreal forest to agriculture   PDF Version

Julienne L. Morissette, Erin M. Bayne, Kevin J. Kardynal and Keith A. Hobson

Narrowness of habitat selection in woodland and grassland birds   PDF Version

Mary Ann Cunningham and Douglas H. Johnson

Estimating the conservation value of protected areas in Maritime Canada for two species at risk: the Olive-sided Flycatcher (Contopus cooperi) and Canada Warbler (Cardellina canadensis)   PDF Version

Alana R. Westwood, Cindy Staicer, Péter Sólymos, Samuel Haché, Trish Fontaine, Erin M Bayne and Dan Mazerolle

Few detections of Black-backed Woodpeckers (Picoides arcticus) in extreme wildfires in the Sierra Nevada   PDF Version

Angela M. White, Gina L. Tarbill, Robert L Wilkerson and Rodney B. Siegel

Spatio-temporal population change of Arctic-breeding waterbirds on the Arctic Coastal Plain of Alaska   PDF Version

Courtney L. Amundson, Paul L. Flint, Robert A. Stehn, Robert M. Platte, Heather M. Wilson, William W. Larned and Julian B. Fischer

Irruptions: evidence for breeding season habitat limitation in Piping Plover (Charadrius melodus)   PDF Version

Samantha Robinson, James Fraser, Daniel Catlin, Sarah Karpanty, Jon Altman, Ruth Boettcher, Kevin Holcomb, Coral Huber, Kelsi Hunt and Alexandra Wilke

Conservation planning for boreal birds in a changing climate: a framework for action   PDF Version

Diana Stralberg, Dominique Berteaux, C. Ronnie Drever, Mark Drever, Ilona Naujokaitis-Lewis, Fiona K. A. Schmiegelow and Junior A. Tremblay

Pathways for avian science, conservation, and management in boreal Alaska   PDF Version

Steven M. Matsuoka, Julie C. Hagelin, Melanie A. Smith, Thomas F. Paragi, Amanda L. Sesser and Moira A. Ingle

Volume 13, No. 2 (2018)

Determining the factors that influence the occurrence of Bare-faced Curassows (Crax fasciolata) in Humid Chaco, northern Argentina   PDF Version

Sofía Zalazar, Alejandro L Benitez and Adrián S Di Giacomo

Determinants of traffic mortality of Barn Owls (Tyto alba) in Friesland, The Netherlands   PDF Version

Johan de Jong, Arnold van den Burg and Allan Liosi

Patch and landscape responses of bird abundance to fragmentation in agroecosystems of east-central Argentina   PDF Version

Noelia C. Calamari, Franciso J. Vilella, Yanina V. Sica and Pablo A. Mercuri

Use of an acoustic location system to understand how presence of conspecifics and canopy cover influence Ovenbird (Seiurus aurocapilla) space use near reclaimed wellsites in the boreal forest of Alberta   PDF Version

Scott J. Wilson and Erin M. Bayne

Prothonotary Warbler demography and nest site selection in natural and artificial cavities in bottomland forests of Arkansas, USA   PDF Version

Morgan C. Slevin, Alix E. Matthews and Than J. Boves

Agricultural destruction of Northern Pintail nests on cropland in prairie Canada   PDF Version

David C. Duncan and James H. Devries

Density estimation of sound-producing terrestrial animals using single automatic acoustic recorders and distance sampling   PDF Version

Esther Sebastián-González, Richard J Camp, Ann M Tanimoto, Priscilla M de Oliveira, Bruna B Lima, Tiago A Marques and Patrick J Hart

Bicknell’s Thrush (Catharus bicknelli) habitat occupancy in Québec’s Laurentian Highlands   PDF Version

Yves Aubry, André Desrochers and Gilles Seutin

Breeding ecology and habitat use of North America’s rarest Ardeidae: the Reddish Egret Egretta rufescens   PDF Version

Lianne M. Koczur, Bart M. Ballard, M. Clay Green, David G. Hewitt and Scott E. Henke

The balancing act of nest survival: survival of a small endemic bird in the face of ship rat predation and other risk factors   PDF Version

Nyree Fea and Stephen Hartley

Strategies for identifying priority areas for songbird conservation in Canada’s boreal forest   PDF Version

Diana Stralberg, Alaine F Camfield, Matthew Carlson, Christopher Lauzon, Alana Westwood, Nicole K. S. Barker, Samantha J. Song and Fiona K. A. Schmiegelow

Key demographic factors for recovery of the endangered Nightingale Reed-Warbler (Acrocephalus hiwae) via population viability analysis   PDF Version

Jean E. Fantle-Lepczyk, Lainie Berry, Christopher Lepczyk, David C. Duffy and Sheila Conant

Population responses of Red Grouse Lagopus lagopus scotica to expansion of heather Calluna vulgaris cover on a Scottish grouse moor   PDF Version

Sonja C. Ludwig, Nicholas J. Aebischer, Damian Bubb, Michael Richardson, Staffan Roos, Jeremy D. Wilson and David Baines

Who's “hooting”? Motivations and scientific attitudes of Manitoban citizen science owl surveyors   PDF Version

Christoph S. Ng, James R. Duncan and Nicola Koper

Volume 13, No. 1 (2018)

Conservation of Nearctic Neotropical migrants: the coffee connection revisited   PDF Version

Ana María González-Prieto

Interior Least Tern and Piping Plover nest and brood survival at managed, off-channel sites along the central Platte River, Nebraska, USA 2001-2015   PDF Version

Patrick D Farrell, David M Baasch, Jason M Farnsworth and Chadwin B Smith

Exposure to rodenticides in Northern Spotted and Barred Owls on remote forest lands in northwestern California: evidence of food web contamination   PDF Version

Mourad W. Gabriel, Lowell V. Diller, John P. Dumbacher, Greta M. Wengert, John M. Higley, Robert H. Poppenga and Shannon Mendia

Temporal changes in avian abundance in aspen-dominated boreal mixedwood forests of central Saskatchewan, Canada   PDF Version

Steven L. Van Wilgenburg, Keith A. Hobson, Kevin J. Kardynal and Elizabeth M. Beck

Distribution of priority grassland bird habitats in the Prairie Pothole Region of Canada   PDF Version

Bradley C. Fedy, James H. Devries, David W. Howerter and Jeffrey R. Row

How do farmland bird communities in rural settlements respond to human relocations associated with land subsidence induced by coal mining in China?   PDF Version

Chunlin Li, Peng Cui, Sheng Zhou and Sen Yang

Distribution, habitat, and conservation status of the near-threatened Japanese Paradise-Flycatcher (Terpsiphone atrocaudata periophthalmica) on Lanyu, Taiwan   PDF Version

Thorsten Späth, Mei-Ling Bai, Lucia L. Severinghaus and Bruno Andreas Walther

Resighting data reveal weak connectivity from wintering to breeding grounds in a range-restricted and endangered long-distance migratory passerine   PDF Version

Nathan W Cooper, David N Ewert, Kimberly R Hall, Sarah M Rockwell, Dave Currie, Joseph M Wunderle, Jr., Jennifer D White and Peter P Marra

Range extension of the threatened Red Crossbill (Loxia curvirostra percna) in Canada: new insights from Anticosti Island, Québec   PDF Version

Junior A. Tremblay, Michel Robert, Douglas P. Hynes, Matthew A. Young and Bruno Drolet

Characterization of Worm-eating Warbler (Helmitheros vermivorum) breeding habitat at the landscape level and nest scale   PDF Version

Patrick J. Ruhl, Kenneth F. Kellner, Jameson M. Pierce, Jeffrey K. Riegel, Robert K. Swihart, Mike R. Saunders, John B. Dunning and Jr.

Postfledging survival and local recruitment of a riparian songbird in habitat influenced by reservoir operations   PDF Version

Matthew Hepp, Lena Ware, Harry van Oort, Suzanne M. Beauchesne, John M. Cooper and David J. Green

Kori Bustards (Ardeotis kori) respond to vegetation density and elevation in the Northern Tuli Game Reserve, Botswana   PDF Version

Kathryn R. McCollum, Larkin A Powell, Andrei Snyman, Mary Bomberger Brown and John P Carroll

The persistence of Black-backed Woodpeckers following delayed salvage logging in the Sierra Nevada   PDF Version

Gina L. Tarbill, Angela M. White and Patricia N. Manley

Reproductive success of Common Ravens influences nest predation rates of their prey: implications for egg-oiling techniques   PDF Version

Brianne E Brussee and Peter S Coates

Patterns of co-occurrence in woodpeckers and nocturnal cavity-nesting owls within an Idaho forest   PDF Version

Micah N. Scholer, Matthias Leu and James R. Belthoff

Nest and brood survival of Ring-necked Ducks in relation to anthropogenic development and wetland attributes   PDF Version

Charlotte L. Roy

Using a natural reference system to evaluate songbird habitat restoration   PDF Version

Darin J. McNeil, Cameron J. Fiss, Eric M Wood, Joseph E Duchamp, Marja Bakermans and Jeffery L. Larkin

Using conspecific broadcast for Willow Flycatcher restoration   PDF Version

Lynn N. Schofield, Helen L. Loffland, Rodney B. Siegel, Chris J Stermer and Heather A. Mathewson

Detecting capture-related mortality in radio-marked birds following release   PDF Version

Erik J Blomberg, Samantha B. Davis, Joelle Mangelinckx and Kelsey Sullivan

An approach for using off-the-shelf object-based image analysis software to detect and count birds in large volumes of aerial imagery   PDF Version

Dominique Chabot, Christopher Dillon and Charles M. Francis

Efficient sampling of avian acoustic recordings: intermittent subsamples improve estimates of single species prevalence and total species richness   PDF Version

Asher Cook and Stephen Hartley

Canada Warbler (Cardellina canadensis): novel molecular markers and a preliminary analysis of genetic diversity and structure   PDF Version

Brittney A. Ferrari, Brian M. Shamblin, Richard B. Chandler, Hayley R. Tumas, Samuel Hache, Leonard Reitsma and Campbell J. Nairn

Hummingbirds in high alpine habitats of the tropical Mexican mountains: new elevational records and ecological considerations   PDF Version

Libertad Arredondo-Amezcua, Silvana Martén-Rodríguez, Martha Lopezaraiza-Mikel, Carlos A. Gutiérrez-Chávez, Erandi Ramírez-Aguirre, Roberto Sáyago-Lorenzana, María del Coro-Arizmendi and Mauricio Quesada

Volume 12, No. 2 (2017)

Interspecific and intraspecific spatial separation by birds breeding in nest boxes   PDF Version

Denis C. Deeming, Lucia E. Biddle and Christopher R. du Feu

Comparing pre- versus postoperational movement of nocturnal migrants around a wind energy facility in northeast British Columbia, Canada   PDF Version

Marc V. d'Entremont, Isobel Hartley and Ken A. Otter

Managing urban and rural rights-of-way as potential habitats for grassland birds   PDF Version

Lionel F. V. Leston and Nicola Koper

Reproductive parameters of the Turquoise-fronted Parrot (Amazona aestiva) in the dry Chaco forest   PDF Version

Igor Berkunsky, Luciano N. Segura, Román A. Ruggera, Sarah I. K. Faegre, Clara Trofino-Falasco, Fernando G. López, Melina A. Velasco, Federico P. Kacoliris, Rosana M. Aramburú and Juan C. Reboreda

Northern Pintail (Anas acuta) survival, recovery, and harvest rates derived from 55 years of banding in Prairie Canada, 1960–2014   PDF Version

Blake A. Bartzen and Kevin W. Dufour

Influence of call broadcast timing within point counts and survey duration on detection probability of marsh breeding birds   PDF Version

Douglas C. Tozer, C. Myles Falconer, Annie M. Bracey, Erin E. Gnass Giese, Gerald J. Niemi, Robert W. Howe, Thomas M. Gehring and Christopher J. Norment

Species-environment associations and predicted distribution of Black Oystercatcher breeding pairs in Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, Canada   PDF Version

Sebastian Dalgarno, Janet E. Mersey, Ze'ev Gedalof and Moira Lemon

How well does forestry in Ontario’s boreal forest emulate natural disturbances from the perspective of birds?   PDF Version

J. Ryan Zimmerling, Charles M. Francis, Christian Roy and Anna M Calvert

Space invaders: House Sparrow densities along three urban-agricultural landscapes   PDF Version

Ian MacGregor-Fors, Javier Quesada, Jeffrey G-H. Lee and Pamela J Yeh

Assessing the reliability of avian biodiversity measures of urban greenspaces using eBird citizen science data   PDF Version

Corey T. Callaghan, Mitchell B. Lyons, John M. Martin, Richard E. Major and Richard T. Kingsford

The effect of industrial noise on owl occupancy in the boreal forest at multiple spatial scales   PDF Version

Julia Shonfield and Erin M. Bayne

Magellanic Woodpeckers in three national parks of central-southern Chile: habitat effects and population variation over the last two decades   PDF Version

Pablo M. Vergara, Luis O. Meneses, Marcelo Saavedra, Felipe E. Diaz, Katherine Norambuena, Andrés Fierro, Amanda D. Rodewald and Gerardo E. Soto

Variability in egg size and population declines of Herring Gulls in relation to fisheries and climate conditions   PDF Version

Jessica L. Bennett, Ellen G. Jamieson, Robert A. Ronconi and Sarah N. P. Wong

Location matters: evaluating Greater Prairie-Chicken (Tympanuchus cupido) boom chorus propagation   PDF Version

Edward J. Raynor, Cara E. Whalen, Mary Bomberger Brown and Larkin A. Powell

No effect of insect abundance on nestling survival or mass for three aerial insectivores   PDF Version

Tara L. Imlay, Hilary A. R. Mann and Marty L Leonard

Postbreeding dispersal and staging of Common and Arctic Terns throughout the western North Atlantic   PDF Version

Pamela H. Loring, Robert A. Ronconi, Linda J. Welch, Philip D. Taylor and Mark L. Mallory

Factors influencing mobility and survival of Eurasian Woodcock wintering in Spain   PDF Version

José Luis Guzmán, Jesus Caro and Beatriz Arroyo

Nest box use by American Kestrels and other cavity-nesting birds during the nonbreeding season   PDF Version

Caitlin M. Davis, Julie A. Heath and Christopher J. W. McClure

Comparison of semiautomated bird song recognition with manual detection of recorded bird song samples   PDF Version

Lisa A. Venier, Marc J. Mazerolle, Anna Rodgers, Ken A. McIlwrick, Stephen Holmes and Dean Thompson

Recommendations for acoustic recognizer performance assessment with application to five common automated signal recognition programs  

Elly C. Knight, Kevin C. Hannah, Gabriel J. Foley, Chris D. Scott, R. Mark Brigham and Erin Bayne

Potential benefits of augmenting road-based breeding bird surveys with autonomous recordings   PDF Version

Rhiannon F Pankratz, Samuel Hache, Péter Sólymos and Erin M Bayne

Volume 12, No. 1 (2017)

Reticence or vigilance at the nest: a cruel bind for the endangered Black-capped Vireo   PDF Version

Lauren E Walker and John M Marzluff

Determining conservation priority areas for Palearctic passerine migrant birds in sub-Saharan Africa   PDF Version

Bruno A Walther and Lionel H Pirsig

Diet composition of a declining steppe bird the Little Bustard (Tetrax tetrax) in relation to farming practices   PDF Version

Carolina Bravo, Francesc Cuscó, Manuel B. Morales and Santi Mañosa

Using eBird data to model population change of migratory bird species   PDF Version

Jacob Walker and Philip D. Taylor

Factors influencing density of the Northern Mealy Amazon in three forest types of a modified rainforest landscape in Mesoamerica   PDF Version

Miguel Ángel De Labra-Hernández and Katherine Renton

Habitats and landscapes associated with bird species in a lowland conifer-dominated ecosystem   PDF Version

Edmund J. Zlonis, Hannah G Panci, Josh D. Bednar, Maya Hamady and Gerald J. Niemi

Taxonomy and distribution of the imperilled Newfoundland Gray-cheeked Thrush, Catharus minimus minimus   PDF Version

Alyssa M. FitzGerald, Darroch M. Whitaker, Joel Ralston, Jeremy J. Kirchman and Ian G. Warkentin

Habitat associations with counts of declining Western Grebes in Alberta, Canada   PDF Version

Mara E. Erickson, Christine Found-Jackson and Mark S. Boyce

The impact of disturbance from photographers on the Blue-crowned Laughingthrush (Garrulax courtoisi)   PDF Version

Weiwei Zhang, Jinze Shi, Huiqin Huang and Tao Liu

Mobbing call experiment suggests the enhancement of forest bird movement by tree cover in urban landscapes across seasons   PDF Version

Atsushi Shimazaki, Yuichi Yamaura, Masayuki Senzaki, Yuki Yabuhara and Futoshi Nakamura

Species traits and local abundance affect bird-window collision frequency   PDF Version

Thomas W. Wittig, Nicolette L. Cagle, Natalia Ocampo-Peñuela, R Scott Winton, Erika Zambello and Zane Lichtneger

Autonomous recording units in avian ecological research: current use and future applications   PDF Version

Julia Shonfield and Erin M Bayne

The Motus Wildlife Tracking System: a collaborative research network to enhance the understanding of wildlife movement   PDF Version

Philip D. Taylor, Tara L. Crewe, Stuart A. Mackenzie, Denis Lepage, Yves Aubry, Zoe Crysler, George Finney, Charles M. Francis, Christopher G. Guglielmo, Diana J. Hamilton, Rebecca L. Holberton, Pamela H. Loring, Greg W. Mitchell, D. Ryan Norris, Julie Paquet, Robert A. Ronconi, Jennifer R. Smetzer, Paul A. Smith, Linda J. Welch and Bradley K. Woodworth

Paired sampling standardizes point count data from humans and acoustic recorders   PDF Version

Steven L. Van Wilgenburg, Péter Sólymos, Kevin J. Kardynal and Matthew D. Frey

Direction-of-arrival estimation of animal vocalizations for monitoring animal behavior and improving estimates of abundance   PDF Version

Richard W. Hedley, Yiwei Huang and Kung Yao

Microphone variability and degradation: implications for monitoring programs employing autonomous recording units   PDF Version

Patrick J. Turgeon, Steven L. Van Wilgenburg and Kiel L Drake

Experimentally derived detection distances from audio recordings and human observers enable integrated analysis of point count data   PDF Version

Daniel A. Yip, Lionel Leston, Erin M. Bayne, Péter Sólymos and Alison Grover

Volume 11, No. 2 (2016)

Beyond biology: the political and legal implications of “conservation reliance”   PDF Version

Amanda D. Rodewald

What you find depends on where you look: responses to proximate habitat vary with landscape context   PDF Version

Mary Ann Cunningham and Douglas H. Johnson

Projected responses of North American grassland songbirds to climate change and habitat availability at their northern range limits in Alberta, Canada   PDF Version

Amy E Nixon, Ryan J Fisher, Diana Stralberg, Erin M Bayne and Dan R Farr

Modeling detection probability to improve marsh bird surveys in southern Canada and the Great Lakes states   PDF Version

Douglas C Tozer, Kiel L Drake and C. Myles Falconer

Factors driving territory size and breeding success in a threatened migratory songbird, the Canada Warbler   PDF Version

D. T. Tyler Flockhart, Greg W. Mitchell, Richard G. Krikun and Erin M. Bayne

Prioritizing tropical habitats for long-distance migratory songbirds: an assessment of habitat quality at a stopover site in Colombia   PDF Version

Nicholas J. Bayly, Camila Gómez, Keith A. Hobson and Kenneth V. Rosenberg

Home range- and colony-scale habitat models for Pinyon Jays in piñon-juniper woodlands of New Mexico, USA   PDF Version

Kristine Johnson, Teri B. Neville, Jacqueline W. Smith and Mark W. Horner

Quantifying avian relative abundance and ecosystem service value to identify conservation opportunities in the Midwestern U.S.   PDF Version

Chad B. Wilsey, Caitlin M. Jensen and Nathaniel Miller

Temporal aggregation of migration counts can improve accuracy and precision of trends   PDF Version

Tara L. Crewe, Philip D. Taylor and Denis Lepage

Detectability of migrating raptors and its effect on bias and precision of trend estimates   PDF Version

Eric G. Nolte, Jonathan Bart, Benjamin P. Pauli, Gregory S. Kaltenecker and Julie A. Heath

Regional habitat needs of a nationally listed species, Canada Warbler (Cardellina canadensis), in Alberta, Canada   PDF Version

Jeffrey R Ball, Péter Sólymos, Fiona K. A. Schmiegelow, Samuel Hache, Jim Schieck and Erin Bayne

Estimating the migratory stopover abundance of phalaropes in the outer Bay of Fundy, Canada   PDF Version

Robin W. Hunnewell, Antony W. Diamond and Stephen C Brown

Use of bird carcass removals by urban scavengers to adjust bird-window collision estimates   PDF Version

Justine A Kummer, Cameron J Nordell, Taylor M Berry, Colina V Collins, Casandra R.L. Tse and Erin M Bayne

Volume 11, No. 1 (2016)

The Breeding Bird Survey at 50: scientists and birders working together for bird conservation   PDF Version

Constance M. Downes, Marie-Anne R. Hudson, Adam C. Smith and Charles M. Francis

Changes in spring arrival date and timing of breeding of Ring-billed Gulls in southern Québec over four decades   PDF Version

Jean-François Giroux, Martin Patenaude-Monette, Florent Lagarde, Pierre Mousseau and François Racine

Assessing range-wide habitat suitability for the Lesser Prairie-Chicken   PDF Version

Catherine S. Jarnevich, Tracy R. Holcombe, Blake A. Grisham, Jennifer Timmer, Clint W. Boal, Matthew J. Butler, James Pitman, Sean C. Kyle, David Klute, Grant M. Beauprez, Allan Janus and William E. Van Pelt

Short-eared Owl (Asio flammeus) surveys in the North American Intermountain West: utilizing citizen scientists to conduct monitoring across a broad geographic scale   PDF Version

Robert A. Miller, Neil Paprocki, Matthew J. Stuber, Colleen E. Moulton and Jay D. Carlisle

Comparing the results of recall surveys and standardized searches in understanding bird-window collisions at houses   PDF Version

Justine A Kummer, Erin M. Bayne and Craig S. Machtans

Flight initiation distances of nesting Piping Plovers (Charadrius melodus) in response to human disturbance   PDF Version

Joel G. Jorgensen, Lauren R. Dinan and Mary Bomberger Brown

Risk from cattle trampling to nests of an endangered passerine evaluated using artificial nest experiments and simulations   PDF Version

Brian W Rolek, Gregory Schrott, D. Zak Poulton and Reed Bowman

Habitat-dependent effect of a rare predator on apparent survival of male Black-headed Bunting   PDF Version

Jelena Kralj, Sanja Barišić, Vesna Tutiš, Davor Ćiković and Herbert Hoi

Prevalence of haemosporidians in a Neotropical endemic bird area   PDF Version

Catalina Gonzalez-Quevedo, Adriana Pabón and Hector Fabio Rivera-Gutierrez

Estimating density of a rare and cryptic high-mountain Galliform species, the Buff-throated Partridge Tetraophasis szechenyii   PDF Version

Yu Xu, Bin Wang, Liang Dou, Hanqiu Yue, Nan Yang, Liu Yang, Shirong Liu and Jianghong Ran

Volume 10, No. 2 (2015)

Don’t shoot the messenger!   PDF Version

Keith A. Hobson and Ryan Norris

Apparent survival of adult Leach’s Storm-petrels (Oceanodroma leucorhoa) breeding on Bon Portage Island, Nova Scotia   PDF Version

Danielle T Fife, Ingrid L Pollet, Gregory J Robertson, Mark L Mallory and Dave Shutler

Shifts in resident bird communities associated with cloud forest patch size in Central Veracruz, Mexico   PDF Version

Rafael Rueda-Hernandez, Ian MacGregor-Fors and Katherine Renton

Sex ratios of Mountain Plovers from egg production to fledging   PDF Version

Margaret M. Riordan, Paul M. Lukacs, Kathryn P. Huyvaert and Victoria J. Dreitz

Gray-cheeked Thrush (Catharus minimus minimus) distribution and habitat use in a montane forest landscape of western Newfoundland, Canada   PDF Version

Darroch M Whitaker, Philip D. Taylor and Ian G. Warkentin

Biased representation of disturbance rates in the roadside sampling frame in boreal forests: implications for monitoring design   PDF Version

Steven L Van Wilgenburg, Elizabeth M Beck, Brennan Obermayer, Timothy Joyce and Brett Weddle

Bird feeders and their effects on bird-window collisions at residential houses   PDF Version

Justine A. Kummer and Erin M. Bayne

Effects of Gunnison Sage-Grouse habitat treatment efforts on associated avifauna and vegetation structure   PDF Version

Paul M Lukacs, Amy Seglund and Steve Boyle

Volume 10, No. 1 (2015)

Migratory bird protection, a crack in the armor: the case of the Double-crested Cormorant   PDF Version

Linda R. Wires

Density dependence and phenological mismatch: consequences for growth and survival of sub-arctic nesting Canada Geese   PDF Version

Rodney W. Brook, James O. Leafloor, Kenneth F. Abraham and David C. Douglas

Predicting origins of passerines migrating through Canadian migration monitoring stations using stable-hydrogen isotope analyses of feathers: a new tool for bird conservation   PDF Version

Keith A. Hobson, Steve L. Van Wilgenburg, Erica H. Dunn, David J. T. Hussell, Philip D. Taylor and Douglas M. Collister

Bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) population increases in Placentia Bay, Newfoundland: evidence for habitat saturation?   PDF Version

Karla R. Letto, Yolanda F Wiersma, Joe Brazil and Bruce Rodrigues

Trends and tactics of mouse predation on Tristan Albatross Diomedea dabbenena chicks at Gough Island, South Atlantic Ocean   PDF Version

Delia Davies, Ben J. Dilley, Alexander L. Bond, Richard J. Cuthbert and Peter G. Ryan

Variables associated with nest survival of Golden-winged Warblers (Vermivora chrysoptera) among vegetation communities commonly used for nesting   PDF Version

Kyle R. Aldinger, Theron M. Terhune II, Petra B. Wood, David A. Buehler, Marja H. Bakermans, John L. Confer, David J. Flaspohler, Jeffrey L. Larkin, John P. Loegering, Katie L. Percy, Amber M. Roth and Curtis G. Smalling

Changes in heron and egret populations on the Laurentian Great Lakes and connecting channels, 1977-2009   PDF Version

Scott A Rush, Cynthia Pekarik, D.V. Weseloh, Francesca Cuthbert, David Moore and Linda Wires

Suburban immigrants to wildlands disrupt honest signaling in ultra-violet plumage   PDF Version

Angela Tringali and Reed Bowman

Stand and within-stand factors influencing Golden-winged Warbler use of regenerating stands in the central Appalachian Mountains   PDF Version

Marja H Bakermans, Brian W Smith, Benjamin C Jones and Jeffery L Larkin

Assessing the use of forest islands by parrot species in a neotropical savanna   PDF Version

Igor Berkunsky, María V Simoy, Rosana E. Cepeda, Claudia Marinelli, Federico P. Kacoliris, Gonzalo Daniele, Agustina Cortelezzi, José A. Díaz-Luque, Juan Mateo Friedman and Rosana M. Aramburú

Piping Plover response to coastal storms occurring during the nonbreeding season   PDF Version

Nadine R Bourque, Marc-André Villard, Marc J. Mazerolle, Diane Amirault-Langlais, Eric Tremblay and Serge Jolicoeur

Threshold detection: matching statistical methodology to ecological questions and conservation planning objectives   PDF Version

Judith D. Toms and Marc-André Villard

Volume 9, No. 2 (2014)

Tree cavity use by Chimney Swifts: implications for forestry and population recovery   PDF Version

Carolyn Zanchetta, Douglas C. Tozer, Trina M. Fitzgerald, Kristyn Richardson and Debbie Badzinski

Foraging flight distances of wintering ducks and geese: a review   PDF Version

William P. Johnson, Paige M Schmidt and Dustin P Taylor

Occurrence patterns of Black-backed Woodpeckers in green forest of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California, USA.   PDF Version

Alissa M. Fogg, L. Jay Roberts and Ryan D. Burnett

Age-specific survival of male Golden-cheeked Warblers on the Fort Hood Military Reservation, Texas   PDF Version

Adam Duarte, James E. Hines, James D Nichols, Jeff S Hatfield and Floyd W. Weckerly

Interactions between ecological disturbances: burning and grazing and their effects on songbird communities in northern mixed-grass prairies   PDF Version

Alexis N. Richardson, Nicola Koper and Krystle A. White

Effect of human disturbance on long-term habitat use and breeding success of the European Nightjar, Caprimulgus europaeus   PDF Version

Andrew Lowe, Amy C Rogers and Kate L Durrant

Models to predict the distribution and abundance of breeding ducks in Canada   PDF Version

Nicole K. S. Barker, Steven G Cumming and Marcel Darveau

Heterogeneity in avian richness-environment relationships along the Pacific Crest Trail   PDF Version

Michael C. McGrann, Morgan W Tingley, James H. Thorne, Deborah L. Elliott-Fisk and Amy M. McGrann

Volume 9, No. 1 (2014)

Variations in band reporting rate and implications for kill rate in Greater Snow Geese   PDF Version

Guillaume Souchay, Olivier Gimenez, Gilles Gauthier and Roger Pradel

Influence of vegetation on the nocturnal foraging behaviors and vertebrate prey capture by endangered Burrowing Owls   PDF Version

Alan Marsh, Troy I. Wellicome and Erin Bayne

Bachman’s Sparrow (Peucaea aestivalis) response to variation in the extent of burns conducted during the nesting season   PDF Version

Clark D. Jones, James A. Cox and Robert J. Cooper

Off-road sampling reveals a different grassland bird community than roadside sampling: implications for survey design and estimates to guide conservation   PDF Version

Troy I. Wellicome, Kevin J. Kardynal, Renee J. Franken and Cameron S. Gillies

How well do regional or national Breeding Bird Survey data predict songbird population trends at an intact boreal site?   PDF Version

Craig S. Machtans, Kevin J. Kardynal and Paul A. Smith

Chronic lack of breeding by Galápagos Blue-footed Boobies and associated population decline   PDF Version

David Anchundia, Kathryn P. Huyvaert and David J. Anderson

Vulnerability of birds to climate change in California's Sierra Nevada   PDF Version

Rodney B. Siegel, Peter Pyle, James H. Thorne, Andrew J. Holguin, Christine A. Howell, Sarah Stock and Morgan W. Tingley

Crop type influences edge effects on the reproduction of songbirds in sagebrush habitat near agriculture   PDF Version

Elly C. Knight, Nancy A. Mahony and David J. Green

Volume 8, No. 2 (2013)

On Avian Mortality Associated with Human Activities   PDF Version

Travis Longcore and Paul A. Smith

Flight Paths of Migrating Golden Eagles and the Risk Associated with Wind Energy Development in the Rocky Mountains   PDF Version

Naira N. Johnston, James E. Bradley, Andrea C. Pomeroy and Ken A. Otter

Population Trends of a Mixed-Species Colony of Humboldt and Magellanic Penguins in Southern Chile after Establishing a Protected Area   PDF Version

Ronnie Reyes-Arriagada, Luciano Hiriart-Bertrand, Victoria Riquelme, Alejandro Simeone, Klemens Pütz, Benno Lüthi and Andrea Raya Rey

Falcon Nest Occupancy and Hatch Success Near Two Diamond Mines in the Southern Arctic, Northwest Territories   PDF Version

Daniel W. Coulton, John A. Virgl and Colleen English

Estimates of Avian Mortality Attributed to Vehicle Collisions in Canada   PDF Version

Christine A. Bishop and Jason M. Brogan

Estimated Number of Birds Killed by House Cats (Felis catus) in Canada   PDF Version

Peter Blancher

Mortality of Migratory Birds from Marine Commercial Fisheries and Offshore Oil and Gas Production in Canada   PDF Version

Joanne I. Ellis, Sabina I. Wilhelm, April Hedd, Gail S. Fraser, Gregory J. Robertson, Jean-François Rail, Mark Fowler and Ken H. Morgan

An Estimate of Nest Loss in Canada Due to Industrial Forestry Operations   PDF Version

Keith A. Hobson, Amy G. Wilson, Steven L. Van Wilgenburg and Erin M. Bayne

A First Estimate for Canada of the Number of Birds Killed by Colliding with Building Windows   PDF Version

Craig S. Machtans, Christopher H. R. Wedeles and Erin M. Bayne

Avian mortalities due to transmission line collisions: a review of current estimates and field methods with an emphasis on applications to the Canadian electric network   PDF Version

Sébastien Rioux, Jean-Pierre L. Savard and Alyssa A. Gerick

Estimated Mortality of Selected Migratory Bird Species from Mowing and Other Mechanical Operations in Canadian Agriculture   PDF Version

Joerg Tews, Daniel G. Bert and Pierre Mineau

Estimated Avian Nest Loss Associated with Oil and Gas Exploration and Extraction in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin   PDF Version

Steven L. Van Wilgenburg, Keith A. Hobson, Erin M. Bayne and Nicola Koper

Canadian Estimate of Bird Mortality Due to Collisions and Direct Habitat Loss Associated with Wind Turbine Developments   PDF Version

J. Ryan Zimmerling, Andrea C. Pomeroy, Marc V. d'Entremont and Charles M. Francis

A Synthesis of Human-related Avian Mortality in Canada   PDF Version

Anna M. Calvert, Christine A. Bishop, Richard D. Elliot, Elizabeth A. Krebs, Tyler M. Kydd, Craig S. Machtans and Gregory J. Robertson

Volume 8, No. 1 (2013)

Common Loon Reproductive Success in Canada: the West is Best but Not for Long   PDF Version

Douglas C. Tozer, C. Myles Falconer and Debbie S. Badzinski

Stability of a Seabird Population in the Presence of an Introduced Predator   PDF Version

Heather L. Major, Alexander L. Bond, Ian L. Jones and Cari J. Eggleston

Movements and Habitat Use by Temperate-Nesting Canada Geese During the Postbreeding Period in Southern Québec   PDF Version

Matthieu Beaumont, Jean Rodrigue and Jean-François Giroux

Numerical Response of Breeding Birds Following Experimental Selection Harvesting in Northern Hardwood Forests   PDF Version

Samuel Hache, Thibaut Pétry and Marc-André Villard

Ovenbird (Seiurus aurocapilla) Territory Placement Near Seismic Lines is Influenced by Forest Regeneration and Conspecific Density   PDF Version

Hedwig E. Lankau, Erin M. Bayne and Craig S. Machtans

Volume 7, No. 2 (2012)

Requiem for a field station: the loss of a Canadian ornithological treasure   PDF Version

Keith A. Hobson, D. Ryan Norris, Gordon Goldsborough and Spencer G. Sealy

Use of Large Clear-Cuts by Wilson’s Warbler in an Eastern Canadian Boreal Forest   PDF Version

André Desrochers, Jacinthe Tardif and Marc J. Mazerolle

Investigating Targets of Avian Habitat Management to Eliminate an Ecological Trap   PDF Version

Bruce A. Robertson

Relative Importance of Nesting Habitat and Measures of Connectivity in Predicting the Occurrence of a Forest Songbird in Fragmented Landscapes   PDF Version

Stephanie Melles, Marie-Josée Fortin, Debbie Badzinski and Kathryn Lindsay

Breeding Status and Population Trends of Golden Eagles in Northeastern Québec, Canada   PDF Version

François Morneau, Benoit Gagnon, Sandie Poliquin, Pierre Lamothe, Natalie D'Astous and Junior A. Tremblay

Use of Occupancy Models to Evaluate Expert Knowledge-based Species-Habitat Relationships   PDF Version

Monica N. Iglecia, Jaime A. Collazo and Alexa J. McKerrow

Grassland Bird Responses to Three Edge Types in a Fragmented Mixed-Grass Prairie   PDF Version

Maggi S Sliwinski and Nicola Koper

Volume 7, No. 1 (2012)

Avian Conservation and Ecology, Continuing the Niche   PDF Version

D. Ryan Norris and Keith A. Hobson

Costs of Reproduction in Breeding Female Mallards: Predation Risk during Incubation Drives Annual Mortality   PDF Version

Todd W Arnold, Erin A. Roche, James H. Devries and David W. Howerter

The Influence of Summer Climate on Avian Community Composition in the Eastern Boreal Forest of Canada   PDF Version

Jean-Luc DesGranges and Mélanie-Louise LeBlanc

Spatiotemporal Patterns in Nest Box Occupancy by Tree Swallows Across North America   PDF Version

Dave Shutler, David J. T. Hussell, D. R. Norris, David W. Winkler, Raleigh J. Robertson, Frances Bonier, Wallace B. Rendell, Marc Bélisle, Robert G. Clark, Russell D. Dawson, Nathaniel T. Wheelwright, Michael P. Lombardo, Patrick A. Thorpe, Melanie A. Truan, Robert Walsh, Marty L. Leonard, Andrew G. Horn, Carol M. Vleck, David Vleck, Alexandra P. Rose, Linda A. Whittingham, Peter O. Dunn, Keith A. Hobson and Mark T. Stanback

Avian Assemblages Differ between Old-Growth and Mature White Pine Forests of Ontario, Canada: A Role for Supercanopy Trees?   PDF Version

David Anthony Kirk, Daniel A Welsh, James A Baker, Ian D Thompson and Myriam Csizy

Establishing Winter Origins of Migrating Lesser Snow Geese Using Stable Isotopes   PDF Version

Viviane Hénaux, Larkin A. Powell, Mark P. Vrtiska and Keith A. Hobson

Drought and Cooler Temperatures Are Associated with Higher Nest Survival in Mountain Plovers   PDF Version

Victoria J Dreitz, Reesa Yale Conrey and Susan K Skagen

Volume 6, No. 2 (2011)

Biostatistics and the Editorial Process: a Caution against Fad Reviewing   PDF Version

Marc-André Villard and Thomas D. Nudds

Nest Survival of American Coots Relative to Grazing, Burning, and Water Depths   PDF Version

Jane E Austin and Deborah A Buhl

Marbled Murrelets Select Distinctive Nest Trees within Old-Growth Forest Patches   PDF Version

Michael P Silvergieter and David B Lank

A Demographic Model to Evaluate Population Declines in the Endangered Streaked Horned Lark    PDF Version

Alaine F. Camfield, Scott F. Pearson and Kathy Martin

Population Change in a Marine Bird Colony is Driven By Changes in Recruitment    PDF Version

Anthony J Gaston and Sébastien Descamps

Patch Scale Nest-Site Selection by Marbled Murrelets (Brachyramphus marmoratus)   PDF Version

Michael P Silvergieter and David B Lank

Measuring Conservation Trade-offs: Demographic Models Provide Critical Context to Empirical Studies   PDF Version

Anna M Calvert and Philip D. Taylor

Volume 6, No. 1 (2011)

Learning Together   PDF Version

Thomas D. Nudds and Marc-André Villard

Progress in Research on Grassland Bird Conservation and Ecology   PDF Version

Nicola Koper and Thomas D. Nudds

Nest Boxes Facilitate Local-Scale Conservation of Common Goldeneye (Bucephala clangula) and Bufflehead (Bucephala albeola) in Alberta, Canada   PDF Version

Robert M Corrigan, Garry J Scrimgeour and Cynthia Paszkowski

Demography of Female Greater Prairie-Chickens in Unfragmented Grasslands in Kansas   PDF Version

Jacqueline K Augustine and Brett K. Sandercock

Identification of Putative Wintering Areas and Ecological Determinants of Population Dynamics of Common House-Martin (Delichon urbicum) and Common Swift (Apus apus) Breeding in Northern Italy   PDF Version

Roberto Ambrosini, Valerio Orioli, Dario Massimino and Luciano Bani

Modeling Habitat Associations for the Common Loon (Gavia immer) at Multiple Scales in Northeastern North America   PDF Version

Anne Kuhn, Jane Copeland, John Cooley, Harry Vogel, Kate Taylor, Diane Nacci and Peter August

Risk of Agricultural Practices and Habitat Change to Farmland Birds   PDF Version

David Anthony Kirk, Kathryn E. Lindsay and Rodney W Brook

Effects of Disturbance Associated with Natural Gas Extraction on the Occurrence of Three Grassland Songbirds   PDF Version

Laura E Hamilton, Brenda C Dale and Cynthia A Paszkowski

Volume 5, No. 2 (2010)

Clubs, Carrots, and Conservation    PDF Version

Marc-André Villard and Thomas D. Nudds

Declines of Aerial Insectivores in North America Follow a Geographic Gradient   PDF Version

Silke Nebel, Alex Mills, Jon D McCracken and Philip D. Taylor

Do the Golden-winged Warbler and Blue-winged Warbler Exhibit Species-specific Differences in their Breeding Habitat Use?   PDF Version

Laura L. Patton, David S. Maehr, Joseph E. Duchamp, Songlin Fei, Jonathan W. Gassett and Jeffery L. Larkin

Breeding Biology of Grassland Birds in Western New York: Conservation and Management Implications   PDF Version

Christopher J Norment, Michael C Runge and Michael R Morgan

Reproductive Consequences of Nest Site Use in Fork-tailed Storm-Petrels in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska: Potential Lasting Effects of an Introduced Predator   PDF Version

Brie A Drummond and Marty L Leonard

Potential Sensitivity of Québec's Breeding Birds to Climate Change   PDF Version

Jean-Luc DesGranges and François Morneau

Predator Exclosures Enhance Reproductive Success but Increase Adult Mortality of Piping Plovers (Charadrius melodus)    PDF Version

Colleen Barber, Astrid Nowak, Kirby Tulk and Linda Thomas

Linking Canadian Harvested Juvenile American Black Ducks to Their Natal Areas Using Stable Isotope (δD, δ13C, and δ15N) Methods   PDF Version

Paul Ashley, Keith A. Hobson, Steven L. Van Wilgenburg, Norm North and Scott A. Petrie

The Importance of Agriculture-Dominated Landscapes and Lack of Field Border Effect for Early-Succession Songbird Nest Success   PDF Version

Jason D. Riddle and Christopher E. Moorman

Habitat Use Patterns of Bobolinks and Savannah Sparrows in the Northeastern United States   PDF Version

Daniel P. Shustack, Allan M. Strong and Therese M. Donovan

Modeling and Mapping Golden-winged Warbler Abundance to Improve Regional Conservation Strategies   PDF Version

Wayne E. Thogmartin

Toward Conservation of Canada’s Boreal Forest Avifauna: Design and Application of Ecological Models at Continental Extents    PDF Version

Steven G Cumming, Kara L. Lefevre, Erin Bayne, Trish Fontaine, Fiona K.A. Schmiegelow and Samantha J Song

Scientific and Cost Effective Monitoring: The Case of an Aerial Insectivore, the Chimney Swift   PDF Version

Sébastien Rioux, Jean-Pierre L. Savard and François Shaffer

Birding 2.0: Citizen Science and Effective Monitoring in the Web 2.0 World   PDF Version

Yolanda F. Wiersma

Volume 5, No. 1 (2010)

Traditional Taxonomy vs. the “Dark Side”: What’s the Fuss?   PDF Version

Thomas D. Nudds and Marc-André Villard

Vesper Sparrows and Western Meadowlarks Show a Mixed Response to Cattle Grazing in the Intermountain Region of British Columbia   PDF Version

Megan L. Harrison, Nancy A Mahony, Pat Robinson, Alicia Newbury and David J Green

Contrasting Seasonal Survivorship of Two Migratory Songbirds Wintering in Threatened Mangrove Forests   PDF Version

Anna M Calvert, John Woodcock and Jon D McCracken

Separation of Availability and Perception Processes for Aural Detection in Avian Point Counts: a Combined Multiple-Observer and Time-of-Detection Approach   PDF Version

Stephen J. Stanislav, Kenneth H. Pollock, Theodore R. Simons and Mathew W. Alldredge

Mortality of Parental Mountain Plovers (Charadrius montanus) during the Post-hatching Stage.   PDF Version

Victoria J Dreitz

An Assessment of Factors Affecting Population Growth of the Mountain Plover   PDF Version

Stephen J Dinsmore, Michael B Wunder, Victoria J Dreitz and Fritz L Knopf

Volume 4, No. 2 (2009)

Whither Natural History in Conservation Research?   PDF Version

Marc-André Villard and Thomas D Nudds

Nonbreeding-Season Drivers of Population Dynamics in Seasonal Migrants: Conservation Parallels Across Taxa   PDF Version

Anna M Calvert, Sandra J Walde and Philip D. Taylor

California's Endangered Belding’s Savannah Sparrow (Passerculus sandwichensis beldingi): Tolerance of Pedestrian Disturbance   PDF Version

Esteban Fernández-Juricic, Eric F Zahn, Taylor Parker and Theodore Stankowich

Evaluating the Potential Impact of a Gas Pipeline on Whimbrel Breeding Habitat in the Outer Mackenzie Delta, Northwest Territories   PDF Version

Lisa D Pirie, Charles M Francis and Victoria H Johnston

Contrasting Population Trends at Two Razorbill Colonies in Atlantic Canada: Additive Effects of Fox Predation and Hunting Mortality?   PDF Version

Jennifer L. Lavers, Ian L. Jones, Gregory J. Robertson and Antony W. Diamond

Extensive Rangewide Mitochondrial Introgression Indicates Substantial Cryptic Hybridization in the Golden-winged Warbler (Vermivora chrysoptera)   PDF Version

Rachel Vallender, Steven L Van Wilgenburg, Lesley P Bulluck, Amber Roth, Ron Canterbury, Jeffrey Larkin, R. Monica Fowlds and Irby J Lovette

Volume 4, No. 1 (2009)

Is Monitoring Growing Up?    PDF Version

Thomas D. Nudds and Marc-André Villard

Conservation of Boreal Birds and the Case for Resilience: Does it Pass the Test?   PDF Version

Fiona K. A. Schmiegelow and Marc-André Villard

A Necessary Adjustment of the Extinction Risk associated with the Red List Criteria?   PDF Version

M. de L. Brooke

Habitat Requirements of Breeding Black-Backed Woodpeckers (Picoides arcticus) in Managed, Unburned Boreal Forest   PDF Version

Junior A. Tremblay, Jacques Ibarzabal, Christian Dussault and Jean-Pierre L. Savard

Effects of Spruce Budworm (Choristoneura fumiferana (Clem.)) Outbreaks on Boreal Mixed-Wood Bird Communities   PDF Version

Lisa A Venier, Jennie L Pearce, Don R Fillman, Don K McNicol and Dan A Welsh

Movement of Juvenile Songbirds in Harvested Boreal Forest: Assessing Residency Time and Landscape Connectivity   PDF Version

Greg W Mitchell, Ian G. Warkentin and Philip D. Taylor

Origin and Availability of Large Cavities for Barrow’s Goldeneye (Bucephala islandica), a Species at Risk Inhabiting the Eastern Canadian Boreal Forest   PDF Version

Marie-Andrée Vaillancourt, Pierre Drapeau, Michel Robert and Sylvie Gauthier

Volume 3, No. 2 (2008)

Establishing a New Scientific Journal: Trials and Tribulations   PDF Version

Marc-André Villard and Thomas D Nudds

Understanding Demographic and Behavioral Mechanisms that Guide Responses of Neotropical Migratory Birds to Urbanization: a Simulation Approach   PDF Version

Daniel P Shustack and Amanda D Rodewald

When is an “Extinct” Species Really Extinct? Gauging the Search Efforts for Hawaiian Forest Birds and the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker   PDF Version

J. Michael Scott, Fred L Ramsey, Martjan Lammertink, Kenneth V Rosenberg, Ron Rohrbaugh, John A Wiens and J. Michael Reed

Site Safety and Food Affect Movements of Semipalmated Sandpipers (Calidris pusilla) Migrating Through the Upper Bay of Fundy   PDF Version

Ashley J Sprague, Diana J Hamilton and Antony W Diamond

Evaluating the Small Population Paradigm for Rare Large-Bodied Woodpeckers, with Implications for the Ivory-billed Woodpecker   PDF Version

Brady J. Mattsson, Rua S. Mordecai, Michael J. Conroy, James T. Peterson, Robert J. Cooper and Hans Christensen

Contrasting Effects of Cattle Grazing Intensity on Upland-Nesting Duck Production at Nest and Field Scales in the Aspen Parkland, Canada   PDF Version

Jeffrey M Warren, Jay Rotella and Jonathan E Thompson

Small-Scale, High-Resolution Studies May Reveal Patterns Missed by Broad-Scale Analyses   PDF Version

Åsa Berggren and Askia Wittern

Volume 3, No. 1 (2008)

Species at Risk: Recovery, Prevention, and Science   PDF Version

Thomas D Nudds and Marc-André Villard

Relationships between Duck and Grassland Bird Relative Abundance and Species Richness in Southern Saskatchewan   PDF Version

Susan P. Skinner and Robert G. Clark

Survival of Adult Songbirds in Boreal Forest Landscapes Fragmented by Clearcuts and Natural Openings   PDF Version

Darroch M Whitaker, Philip D. Taylor and Ian G. Warkentin

White-throated Sparrow Response to Forest Harvesting in North-Central Alberta: Results Not So Clear-Cut?   PDF Version

Kevin C Hannah, Fiona K. A. Schmiegelow and Kathryn E. H. Aitken

Feeding–Danger Trade-Offs Underlie Stopover Site Selection by Migrants   PDF Version

Andrea C Pomeroy, Dana A Acevedo Seaman, Robert W Butler, Robert W Elner, Tony D Williams and Ronald C Ydenberg

Seasonal Patterns in Hydrogen Isotopes of Claws from Breeding Wood-Warblers (Parulidae): Utility for Estimating Migratory Origins   PDF Version

Kevin C Fraser, T. Kurt Kyser, Raleigh J. Robertson and Laurene M. Ratcliffe

Cross-Seasonal Association Between Winter Trophic Status and Breeding Ground Selenium Levels in Boreal White-Winged Scoters   PDF Version

Jean-Michel A DeVink, Robert G. Clark, Stuart M Slattery and Anton M. Scheuhammer

The Relevance of Local-Scale Relationships to Habitat Management and Landscape Patterns   PDF Version

Joseph J. Nocera, Graham J. Forbes and G. Randy Milton

Avoiding Hasty Conclusions about Effects of Habitat Fragmentation   PDF Version

Doug P. Armstrong, Yvan Richard, John G Ewen and Wendy J Dimond

Volume 2, No. 2 (2007)

Two Years In: Revisiting the Publication Niche for Avian Conservation and Ecology   PDF Version

Thomas D. Nudds and Marc-André Villard

Big Decisions and Sparse Data: Adapting Scientific Publishing to the Needs of Practical Conservation   PDF Version

Doug P. Armstrong and Michael A. McCarthy

Are Boreal Ovenbirds, Seiurus aurocapilla, More Prone to Move across Inhospitable Landscapes in Alberta’s Boreal Mixedwood Forest than in Southern Québec’s Temperate Deciduous Forest?   PDF Version

Marc Bélisle, André Desrochers, Jean-François Gobeil and Marc-André Villard

Natal Dispersal in the North Island Robin (Petroica longipes): the Importance of Connectivity in Fragmented Habitats   PDF Version

Askia K Wittern and Åsa Berggren

Long-distance Dispersal Patterns of Male Cerulean Warblers (Dendroica cerulea) Measured by Stable-hydrogen Isotopes   PDF Version

M. Katherine Girvan, Jason Jones, D. Ryan Norris, Jennifer J. Barg, T. Kurt Kyser and Raleigh J Robertson

Pre-Migratory Movements by Juvenile Burrowing Owls in a Patchy Landscape   PDF Version

L. Danielle Todd, Ray G Poulin, R. Mark Brigham, Erin M Bayne and Troy I Wellicome

Agricultural Policy and Nest Success of Prairie Ducks in Canada and the United States   PDF Version

Mark C Drever, Thomas D Nudds and Robert G Clark

Slopes of Avian Species-Area Relationships, Human Population Density, and Environmental Factors   PDF Version

Karl L Evans, Jack J Lennon and Kevin J. Gaston

Colony Dynamics and Persistence of Ivory Gull Breeding in Canada   PDF Version

Gregory J. Robertson, H. Grant Gilchrist and Mark L Mallory

The Influence of Body Condition on the Stopover Ecology of Least Sandpipers in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley during Fall Migration   PDF Version

Sarah E Lehnen and David G Krementz

Local, Short-term Effects of Forest Harvesting on Breeding Waterfowl and Common Loon in Forest-Dominated Landscapes of Quebec   PDF Version

Louis-Vincent Lemelin, Louis Imbeau, Marcel Darveau and Daniel Bordage

Contributions of Weather and Predation to Reduced Breeding Success in a Threatened Northern Loggerhead Shrike Population   PDF Version

Douglas M Collister and Scott Wilson

Land Cover Sampling Biases Associated with Roadside Bird Surveys   PDF Version

J. Berton C. Harris and David G. Haskell

A Field Evaluation of the Time-of-Detection Method to Estimate Population Size and Density for Aural Avian Point Counts   PDF Version

Mathew W Alldredge, Theodore R. Simons, Kenneth H Pollock and Krishna Pacifici

Effects at the Landscape Scale May Constrain Habitat Relations at Finer Scales   PDF Version

Wayne E. Thogmartin

Volume 2, No. 1 (2007)

Making the most of science during the new environmental fervor   PDF Version

Marc-André Villard and Thomas D. Nudds

Jamie Smith, University of British Columbia, 1944–2005   PDF Version

Kathy Martin

Predation in Ground-Nesting Birds: an Experimental Study Using Natural Egg-Color Variation   PDF Version

Aurora M Castilla, André A Dhondt, Ramón Díaz-Uriarte and David Westmoreland

Retrospective Comparison of the Occurrence and Abundance of Rusty Blackbird in the Mackenzie Valley, Northwest Territories   PDF Version

Craig S. Machtans, Steven L Van Wilgenburg, Lindsay A Armer and Keith A Hobson

Foraging Habitat and Chick Diets of Roseate Tern, Sterna dougallii, Breeding on Country Island, Nova Scotia   PDF Version

Jennifer C Rock, Marty L Leonard and Andrew W Boyne

Forest Policy Scenario Analysis: Sensitivity of Songbird Community to Changes in Forest Cover Amount and Configuration   PDF Version

Robert S. Rempel, Jim Baker, Phil C. Elkie, Michael J. Gluck, Janet Jackson, Robert S. Kushneriuk, Tom Moore and Ajith H. Perera

Selecting Focal Songbird Species for Biodiversity Conservation Assessment: Response to Forest Cover Amount and Configuration   PDF Version

Robert S. Rempel

Habitat Relationships of Three Grassland Breeding Bird Species: Broadscale Comparisons and Hayfield Management Implications   PDF Version

Joseph J. Nocera, Graham Forbes and G. Randy Milton

Volume 1, No. 3 (2006)

On Evidence of Absence   PDF Version

Thomas D. Nudds, Jeffrey R. Walters and Marc-André Villard

Short-term Response of Breeding Barred Owls to Forestry in a Boreal Mixedwood Forest Landscape   PDF Version

Ben T. Olsen, Susan J. Hannon and Gordon S. Court

Evidence Suggesting that Ivory-billed Woodpeckers (Campephilus principalis) Exist in Florida   PDF Version

Geoffrey E. Hill, Daniel J. Mennill, Brian W. Rolek, Tyler L. Hicks and Kyle A. Swiston

Population Assessment of an Endangered Shorebird: the Piping Plover (Charadrius melodus melodus) in Eastern Canada   PDF Version

Anna M Calvert, Diane L Amirault, François Shaffer, Richard Elliot, Alan Hanson, Julie McKnight and Philip D Taylor

Artificial Cavities and Nest Site Selection by Puerto Rican Parrots: a Multiscale Assessment   PDF Version

Thomas H. White, Jr., G. Gordon Brown and Jaime A. Collazo

Lesser Scaup Population Dynamics: What Can Be Learned from Available Data?   PDF Version

David N Koons, Jay J Rotella, David W Willey, Mark Taper, Robert G Clark, Stuart Slattery, Rodney W Brook, Robin M Corcoran and James R Lovvorn

Volume 1, No. 2 (2006)

Scientific Advocacy: Confronting the Oxymoron   PDF Version

Marc-André Villard and Thomas D. Nudds

Endangered Species, Provincialism, and a Continental Approach to Bird Conservation   PDF Version

Robert J Craig

Upland Nesting Prairie Shorebirds: Use of Managed Wetland Basins and Accuracy of Breeding Surveys   PDF Version

Cheri L. Gratto-Trevor

Spatial Aggregation of Forest Songbird Territories and Possible Implications for Area Sensitivity   PDF Version

Julie Bourque and André Desrochers

Identification of Summer Origins of Songbirds Migrating through Southern Canada in Autumn    PDF Version

Erica H. Dunn, Keith A. Hobson, Len I. Wassenaar, David J. T. Hussell and Martha L. Allen

Mallard Use of Hen HousesTM in Eastern Ontario   PDF Version

J. Ryan Zimmerling, Jim R Fisher, C. Davison Ankney and Christine A Debruyne

Volume 1, No. 1 (2005)

Basic Science, Applied Science, and the Radical Middle Ground   PDF Version

Thomas D Nudds and Marc-André Villard

Mobile Incubation in Waved Albatross (Phoebastria irrorata): Associated Hatching Failure and Artificial Mitigation   PDF Version

Jill A Awkerman, Kathryn P Huyvaert and David J Anderson

Stable Isotope Analysis Reveals That Agricultural Habitat Provides an Important Dietary Component for Nonbreeding Dunlin   PDF Version

Lesley Joan Evans Ogden, Keith A Hobson, David B Lank and Shabtai Bittman

Sea Surface Temperatures Mediated by the El Niño-Southern Oscillation Affect Birds Breeding in Temperate Coastal Rain Forests   PDF Version

Anthony J Gaston, Jean-Louis Martin and Sylvain Allombert

Scale and Sensitivity of Songbird Occurrence to Landscape Structure in a Harvested Boreal Forest   PDF Version

Philip D Taylor and Meg A Krawchuk

Rediscovering the King of Woodpeckers: Exploring the Implications   PDF Version

Jeffrey R Walters and Eileen L. Crist

Avian Conservation and Ecology ISSN: 1712-6568